Sports Injury

The first experience I had with chiropractic working on sports injuries was with a sprained ankle I experienced in college. My ankle would seem to sprain every 2-3 months just when it seemed like I had rested it enough. Then I met a chiropractor that worked on extremities and he adjusted my ankle, with one loud pop of the talus and then calcaneous bones I never had a problem again. The talus is the keystone of the foot and often in an injury will move out of position to avoid a stress fracture. The other main contributor is the heel bone which many times “jams” due to poor shoes or over activity that stresses that area. Plantar fasciitis can be irritated by the calcaneous being jammed and stretching the fascia.

Once in practice I tended to attract many athletes and extreme sports individuals because of my own personal sports interests. The premise of working on sports injuries utilizing chiropractic is fairly simple; if the bones and structures are out of position then the muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue are overly stressed. A muscle is not intended to do the job of a bone.

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