Auto Accident

Auto Accident Injuries

When you are in an auto accident your body goes into a fight or flight response mode that can last for up to a week depending on your personality and how your body deals with stress. Auto accident injuries can be mild or severe and can have a huge variety of symptoms. You may have bruised ribs and abdominal pain from the seatbelt, or you may have shoulder or wrist issues from holding on to the steering wheel or dashboard. Some people obtain low back pain from how hard they mashed down the brake petal. Of course the most common injuries are associated with whiplash from the auto accident itself.

Whiplash injuries can be very extensive and debilitating or could just leave symptoms of headaches and irritability. [Click here for more on Whiplash.]

Patients typically experience some form of swelling around the injured areas and this can very easily cause nerve inflammation and pain. Sometimes this swelling goes down with time and some times it needs intervention. Do your best to drink water during this time and be nice to your loved ones as you will be more irritable. This is especially notable in children that are involved in motor vehicle accidents.

After an auto accident your body will do it’s best to stabilize. It will do this by creating the beginning of scar tissue which is sometimes referred to as adhesions. This “glue” is not necessarily good for you the intention is to keep your body from moving and causing more injuries, similar to a neck brace done at a lesser and internal manner.

It is important to get evaluated right away as many symptoms do not show up for a week or even months and that time can be essential to correcting the problems without permanent disabilities and nagging injuries. It is best to utilize your body’s innate healing abilities during this time period instead of needing to rehabilitate and tear down what your body already layered down during the stabilization period. Patients that obtain and follow care plans immediately after an auto accident have much better long-term prognosis. It is also good to document objective findings right after the accident just in case litigation or insurance claims need to be filed.

Insurance companies and third parties can be confusing to work with and we do our best to help you understand your rights and work to obtain the care you require. It is always better to be proactive and safe in these situations instead of waiting for symptoms to show up or go away.

Motor vehicle accidents can affect your life for years if not taken care of properly we are here to answer your questions and get you on the road to recovery that is best suited for you.

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