Family Chiropractic

When the topic of spinal wellness and family chiropractic come up there are many different opinions. From my perspective and over 16 years of clinical experience, I can tell you that children run to the adjusting table and often fight over which sibling or family member gets to go first. Children have an unpolluted view of chiropractic; they just know it makes them feel better.

They don’t typically have symptoms, they certainly don’t have back pain, or neck pain except in rare cases. Thy just know they work better.

Children are the ultimate example of the chiropractic story that has been told for over a 100 years. The brain needs to talk to the body and it does that through the nervous system that travels through the protective armor of the spine. Then at each level of the vertebrae the nerves exit to talk to the different body parts they are supposed to. If at one of those levels there is an interference, “subluxation” then that part or parts of the body will not work as well.

Pretty simple if you think about it. It has nothing to do with pain or symptoms and it has everything to do with maximum potential and performance. We all want to be our best, we all want to feel good and have energy. Family chiropractic is all about that!

Family is important. Family is for life and to live your lives together to the fullest why not have a family that is operating free from pain and at their optimal spinal health and neurological aptitude? I was told by a patient once that they were feeling so much better and had so much energy that they quite their job and pursued a business idea they had had for years, but didn’t feel confident enough about it to go for it. They became a success and they said chiropractic made them able to do it.

Unnecessary limitations are things that hold us back and fill our lives with regret. We know we can at least evaluate and help your family eliminate one of those limitations. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Will

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