Happy Hour is an enjoyable time with a great atmosphere, specials, friends and good memories. Chiropractic Happy Hour is the best of everything happy hour has to offer but with the additional treat of a healthy twist!

Stress is one of the biggest causes of patient problems; physically, chemically or emotionally. Our goal is to help you minimize stress with a fun and relaxing atmosphere and effective care. There are principles in life and health that bring positive results. Our Chiropractic Care coupled with nutrition, exercise, water and a positive mental attitude can make a huge difference in anyone’s life.

Just like a Happy Hour we do have limited hours; Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00- 6:30 and we do also offer appointment only requests at other times. So while we may serve only Arnold Palmer’s (Lemonade and Ice Tea), we hope to provide you with a refreshing new experience.

Come see what we do different and treat yourself to Chiropractic Happy Hour.

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Why choose Chiropractic Happy Hour? At Chiropractic Happy Hour our focus is on giving the highest quality of Chiropractic Care while also providing a relaxing and fun atmosphere. With specials, friends, and hours that can fit your schedule, this can fulfill the criteria of a classic happy hour, but with the added bonus of a delightfully healthy twist.

At Chiropractic Happy Hour you can experience a different principled approach to health. We believe a visit to the Doc can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience! The original “Happy Hour” was slang for a scheduled entertainment period to relieve the stress accumulated during the long periods sailors spent at sea. You deserve an escape and the time and treatment to heal all levels. Chiropractic Care can address and solve an array of issues related to the alignment of the spine and the compression of nerves.

Stress is bad, chiropractic is good. Pain is sad, adjustments are happy. Treat yourself to a session with Chiropractic Happy Hour. We offer amazing “Happy Hour” specials and we are affordable.

Escape to your Happy Hour retreat today!

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Contact Us

Contact us today at 720.295.4687 to come relax, heal and have fun with Chiropractic Happy Hour. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

Dr. Will Feldman
Chiropractic Happy Hour
M/W/F 3:00pm-6:30pm
3915 East Exposition Ave.
Suite #200
Denver, CO 80209

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